Julie Bujalski Mayor of Dunedin, Presents Dunedin Lodge with a proclamation congratulating us on our 100 year Anniversary.

W.M. Robert Frierson welcomes all members and visitors.

The W.M. welcomes all to the dinner.

R.W. Jim Tuller gives a talk on some of the History of Dunedin Lodge.

Pipers escorting the officers to the Corner stone.

MW Steven P. Boring (Grand Lodge)                                       M.W. Grand Master

W Robert Frierson (Dunedin)                                                    R.W. Deputy Grand Master

RW Rick Hoover (Grand Lodge)                                                R.W. Senior Grand Warden

RW Frank Gaughen(DDGM)                                                       R.W. Junior Grand Warden

W Ken Giesow (Dunedin)                                                           R.R. Grand Chaplin

W Matt Panzano (Dunedin)                                                       W Grand Orator

RW Tommy Turlington (Grand Lodge)                                   W Grand Marshal

Mike Zelski (Dunedin)                                                                  W Senior Grand Deacon

RW Jeff Foster (Grand Lodge)                                                  W Junior Grand Deacon

Bob Harris (Dunedin)                                                                   W Grand Standard Bearer

Justin Sparks (Dunedin)                                                             W Grand Sword Bearer

RW Jackie Arrington (Grand Lodge)                                        W Senior Grand Steward

Scott Spell (Dunedin)                                                                   W Junior Steward

RW Robert Lambert (Grand Lodge)                                         W Grand Pursuivant

W Mike Palenik (Dunedin)                                                           W Grand Tyler

RW Ray Vance (PDDGM)                                                              W Bearer of Great Lights

W Andy Reeves (Dunedin)                                                           The Master Architect

County Commissioner Dave Eggers Presents W.M. Robert Frierson with a proclamation congratulating Dunedin Lodge on our 100 year Anniversary.

The Cornerstone is measured and found square, level and plumb. "The Craftsmen have done their Duty".

W. Ken Giesow says the blessing before dinner

        Officers conducting the Cornerstone Ceremony

Pipers from St. Andrews Pipes and Drums calling for the Procession to begin.

Grand Master Steven P. Boring begins the Ceremony

The Past Masters with the Grand Lodge Officers.

Special thanks to the following people who made this celebration possible;

To the M.W. Grand Master and the Grand Lodge Officers who took time out of their busy schedules to conduct the ceremony.

To Tanya Frierson and her son and daughter for planning, preparing and supervising the dinner.

To W. John Wright P.M. for cooking the meal.

To the Brothers from East Gate Lodge who served the dinner and shuttled the guest to and from the Lodge.

To the Officers and members of Dunedin Lodge who helped to collect the funds needed, got the Lodge ready, and assisted in all the preparation.

To W. Ken Giesow P.M. for preparing and cleaning the Lodge.

And a very special thanks to W. M. Robert Frierson, without whose guidance and organization this Celebration would not have been possible.

Some of our guests.

W. Romeo Scerbo P.M. Secretary Emeritus

January 16, 2016 Re-dedication Ceremony of Our Cornerstone.

 We have gathered here to lay the symbolic Cornerstone on the Dunedin Lodge No. 192 Masonic Lodge Building, this public ceremony has been conducted by Masons the world over, since 1738.The earliest record of a formal and official Masonic ceremony was the Cornerstone Laying at New Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh, Scotland, on August 2, 1738.In our Nation some of the most notable Cornerstone Laying Ceremonies are the White House , on October 13,1792, and the U.S. Capital Building which our first President, Father of our Country, and Brother, George Washington presided over the ceremonies on September 18,1793.

 Other notable Cornerstone Layings were,

Erie Canal, New York in 7823.

Battle of Bunker Hill Monument near Boston, Massachusetts, on June17, 1825.

Baltimore & Ohio Railroad on July 4, 1828.

Smithsonian Institution, Washington, D.C., in 1847.

Washington Monument, Washington, D.C., on July 4,1848.

Extension wings for the House and Senate of the U.S. Capital Building, on July 4, 1851.

St. Paul's United Methodist Church, Cambridge, Maryland, on June 24, 1881.

The Statue of Liberty on August 5, 1884.

Washington National Cathedral, Washington, D.C., on September 29, 1907.

Department of Labor Building, Washington, D.C., on December 15, 1932.

U.S. Capital Building East Front Extension, on July 4, 1959.

Friend to Friend Masonic Memorial Monument at Gettysburg National Cemetery, Pa. on August 21, 1993                              To name a few, many Schools, Colleges, Universities, Places of Worship, and Government Buildings throughout the country and more specifically the State of Florida have had their Cornerstones Dedicated by Masons.

 The Dedication Ceremony is the symbolic laying of the Cornerstone, that which supports the entire structure. The officers conducting the ceremony, usually officers of the Grand Lodge of the State of Florida, travel from all over the state to conduct the ceremony of symbolically squaring, leveling and plumbing the Cornerstone assuring that it is set correctly and that"the Craftsmen have done their duty".

 The Grand Master then asks for the Blessings of Deity, upon this new edifice and that all who dwell and work in it may represent that which is to better humanity.

 After that the Grand Master asks that Corn be scattered as a symbol of plenty, that Wine be poured as a symbol of refreshment, an Oil be poured as a symbol of peace and joy.

Freemasons have been laying Cornerstones for centuries, only by request and for buildings erected for the Worship of God, Charitable, Educational, Civic, or Masonic purposes, which advances that which is good for all of earth's inhabitants.

Officers watching the Presentations.

The Officers and Guest move to the Community center for dinner.

Part of the light show presentation by W Joey Gondos P.M.

The W.M. welcome a special guest and friend, W. B.J. Sammon's widow, Ilene, who was able to come from the Lakeland area to be with us on our Centenial Anniversary.  

Public Grand Honors are given and the Grand Marshal gives the final Proclamation

Most of the surviving Past Masters of Dunedin Lodge

The Officers and Guest return to the Lodge room for further festivities

Dunedin Lodge No. 192


100 Year Celebration